Monday, May 16, 2011

Ribbon-cutting at Sub Zero Ice Cream - And YOU CAN WIN SOME PRIZES!

I was recently invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Sub Zero Ice Cream at 5612 South 900 East in Murray.  I have to say this is my favorite ice cream place in the state.  My kids have loved the place since we went to the store in Jordan Landing.

It was a nice little ceremony, with Doug Snarr, the Mayor of Murray, helping owner Tyson cut thre ribbon.  This was followed by a short tour of the facility and FREE Ice cream for all!!!  YAY!

Now if you haven't been to a Sub Zero before, let me explain the concept.  It's a great new way to serve up a frozen treat, especially if you revel in your geeky side, like me.  Regular ice cream is frozen hours, days, even months before it is served.  This ice cream is flash frozen before your eyes.  First, you choose the type of ice cream base you would like.  There's a thick, creamy premium base, a custard base, a low-fat but very tasty base, and a couple of non-fat options, including a soy oy rice based mix.  So there are even lactose-free, gluten-free, and sugar free options as well. 

Once you've selected your base, add as many flavorings as you'd like.  My picture with ice cream at the top of the blog, I've mixed in Raspberry, white chocolate and a little bit of citric acid for tartness.  As you look at the giant displays (which are on large TV screens at the new location, very good idea for updates..), you'll see you have dozens of different options. 

And speaking of options, you're not done yet.  You move onto the next placard board and select your mix-ins.  I added chocolate flakes into mine.  But once again, dozens of options.  If you factor in every different ingredient, there are over 1 hextillion choices. 

But the flavors aren't the main attraction.  The draw is the way they freeze the ice cream.  Instead of a freezer, they use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the concoctions.  Since it's -321 degrees below zero when it comes in contact with the cream, it freezes everything within seconds.  And the resulting mitrogen fog that pours over the edges as the cream solidifies and the nitrogen evaporates, the kids watch in amazement.  My two always try to get a front row seat and flail their hands through it.

A couple of stirs later, and you have instant and delicious ice cream.  My sons shared a chocolate peanut fudge mix and inhaled most of it. 

If you haven't been there before, definitely try it out.   It's great as a treat, especially as it gets warmer.

I received a bunch of Sub Zero swag for attending the ribbon-cutting, but I think I should share the love.  So I'm announcing the first (of many yet to come) contests on the That Means We Get Pie blog!  I have two prize packs to hand out:

First Prize Pack
Sub Zero Ice Cream Hat
Sub Zero Ice Cream T-Shirt
$15 in Sub Zero Gift Certificates good for the new Murray store
One buy one/get one 50% off coupon

Second Prize Pack
Sub Zero Ice Cream T-Shirt

$10 in Sub Zero Gift Certificates good for the new Murray store
One buy one/get one 50% off coupon

Now how can you enter to win these prizes?  I'm going to have a drawing in two weeks and there are four ways to enter.

1. Become a follower of the blog.  On the right side of the screen, click on the Follow button and fill out the information.  If you are already a follower, you already get one entry.

2.  Find and Like the That Means We Get Pie on Facebook.  Every new or existing Like will receive one entry.

3.  Post a comment on the blog.  I'd like to know if you've tried any of the recipes and if they've worked for you.  If you post sometime in the next two weeks, you'll receive an entry into the drawing.

4. Invite someone to start following the blog here or on Facebook.  If someone either starts following the blog or Likes it on Facebook and sends e-mail to to state you referred them, they will get and extra entry and you will get an extra entry.

I'll be counting up all the entries and awarding the prizes on May 31st.  So until then, do all them there social media things to rack up entries and good luck to everyone.

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  1. We love sub-zero. We've gone there several times and try new flavors each time. We are never disappointed. Last time I got Black Raspberry, Marshmallow Cream, and Cake batter with maraschino cherries mixed in. It was fabulous.