Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have Travis Help You Buy or Sell Your House

Hi everybody...

I know, self-promotion can be annoying at times.

But you know, what other purpose does a blog serve than to promote your point of view.  And I happen to think that I'm a pretty great real estate agent.

I've been a Realtor for almost five years and have helped some truly wonderful people get into their dream homes.  I remember buying my first home before becoming a Realtor and I know the frustrations that can arise.  You may wonder if you're being treated fairly.  Is your agent is working for you or for a commission?  Am I getting all the information I need to make the best decision possible?

If I am your Realtor, I will do everything in my power to make the real estate transaction not only as easy as possible but enjoyable.  I'll answer any question you have, any time. I can supply you with a wide variety of homes that will meet your wants and needs.  If you're a buyer, we'll research your favorites in detail and tour every one at your convenience.  If you're selling your home, I'll give you a realistic idea of what you home is worth, so you know exactly what to expect.  Once we place an offer or list your home, I can supply you with referrals to other reputable professionals that can help you with inspections, mortgage qualifications, and title services.  When it's time to do the paperwork, I'll explain every document in detail so you never feel like your signing your life away.  And I'll be there at closing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I'm trustworthy, knowledgeable and I truly want you to be ecstatic about your home purchase or sale.  My commission is not as important as your happiness.

So if you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell, or build a home, please contact me anytime at (801) 556-7784 or e-mail me at today!  I'll work wonders for you, and I could bring you your choice of pie on moving day!

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